When You Feel Like a Less-Than

This is a re-post of one of my own blogs that I wrote just a few weeks before leaving for the World Race last January.  I’ve been needing some sweet words from my Savior lately, and the Lord reminded me that He has already spoken these much-needed truths over me.  I think they have encouraged me even more today than the first time I wrote them!  How amazing is it that God knew all of this when I clicked that ‘Publish’ button on December 10, 2014?

So I’ll be honest, I’m partially posting this for my own benefit…but I’m sending these words out into the cyberworld again just in case you could use a little life-giving truth today, too.  If you’re still reading, I have a feeling this post might be especially for you.  I pray that the Lord meets you here in a mighty way!

When You Feel Like a Less-Than….

…you’re not alone.

Do you ever have those days when it seems like you just don’t measure up?  The sun sets, your phone stops buzzing because everyone else is sleeping peacefully at the end of their perfectly successful days, and all you feel is an overwhelming sense of defeat.  The Bible tells us that, ‘in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us,’ (Romans 8:37), but I for one have had many days recently when I have felt, well, less than.  Less-than-perfect, less-than-pretty, less-than-organized…or less-than-consistent, less-than-reliable, less-than living up to just about any expectations that really shouldn’t be that hard to meet, right?  How can I feel like such a failure when everyone else seems to be getting along just fine?

On these days I hardly feel like the rightful owner of any identity that sounds like ‘more than a conqueror.’  Sometimes the only ‘more-than’ I can identify with is being more-than-ready for Jesus to come on back and finish what He started because this ‘process’ of sanctification that He’s working in me just isn’t moving fast enough.  Sometimes Satan’s strategy of the day is to bring me face-to-face with all of the ways that I’ve failed yet again in all of the areas of life that seem most important.  And more often than I’d care to admit, I fall right into his traps and this Warrior Princess, Daughter of the King is reduced to a weary soul that is overcome by shame and convinced of the lie that she’s nothing but a less-than.

But here’s the thing about a God-given identity – it is not in the least bit affected by our feelings.  In Christ Jesus, I am more than a conqueror even when I feel like a less-than.  So are you, dear friend.  The unhindered, uninhibited, undeserved love of God that was displayed in the sacrifice of Jesus makes us more-than.  More-than-enough, more-than-loved, more-than-beautiful, and more-than all the ridiculous lies that Satan is trying to tell us today.

I may look in the mirror and see a blubbering mess of a girl who doesn’t seem to do anything right, but God looks at that same reflection and sees me for who I truly am – the strong, loving, chosen, Daughter of Mine that He created me to be.  And who am I to argue with the God who see all things, El Roi Himself?  I think it’s safe to assume that the God of the universe doesn’t need bifocals to get a clear look at the crown of His creation.

So the next time you find yourself feeling like the least of all the less-thans, ask your ever-truthful Heavenly Father what HE sees when He looks at you, His beloved Child.  And then allow Him to paint over your distorted self-image with holy brushstrokes of wisdom and dignity, beauty and grace.

Let Him remind you over and over and over again that you are – and always will be – MORE than a conqueror.

Lord, please show me what it looks like to live as more than a conqueror in this ordinary, everyday life that You have called me to.  Right here, in Bentonville, Arkansas, at my favorite Starbucks, with my hair all matted down by thickened milk that one of the kids chucked across the room this morning.  You’re the only One who could look right at this I-lost-a-food-fight-with-a-preschooler hot mess and stifle a laugh long enough call me beloved and victorious.

With love and wanderlust,

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